what is forward together?

 Forward Together - It means, stepping out in faith as a church body. It is not as much about the "next step" for our church as much as prayerfully seeking God's will and living in obedience.


I have been a member of Porter for 15 years.  My family is continually blessed by this church.  It has become our home and its members have become our family.  It has been nothing short of amazing to witness God moving throughout our church.  With the vision of Pastor Nick and our church leadership, it is exciting to be a part of the next chapter in Porter's beautiful history. This revitalization of our church building solidifies Porter's desire to be a lighthouse in our city; calling out to the lost and providing refuge for generations to come.


God has called us, His body, to step out in faith and live sacrificially. I only ask that we begin to prayerfully seek Him and consider what sacrificial giving looks like for each of us; not equal gifts but equal sacrifice. Through pursuing God, I have no doubt that He will bless this church.  May the glory and honor of this campaign be His and His alone.

Morgan Dillow

Forward Together Emphasis Chair


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