Grace + Intentionality = Transformation

what you need to know:


Starting February 9 (for 6 weeks)


During thrive (Sundays from 5:30-7 pm)


$250 per couple for the year
We provide:
*$250 due at or before the first meeting ​

The mission of Grace Marriage is to assist the local church to change marriage in our churches and culture through the transforming power and grace of Jesus.

Wellness is the effective path to winning the war for marriage. If we get couples working on their marriage before there is a crisis, the effectiveness of the investment is much greater. It is much easier to take a stable marriage and make it great than to take a crisis marriage and make it stable.

We seek to engage all levels of marriage in grace-based marriage coaching where each couple takes a big picture look at the family and makes a proactive effort to protect and grow the marriage.  In sum, we are calling people to put their marriage under grace and intentionally steward over it.

We believe that if a couple puts their marriage under the grace of Christ and intentionally works on the marriage, the marriage will be transformed into a more God-glorifying union.