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Porter Weekday Preschool partners with parents to grow kids who love God, love others, and choose to follow God daily.


And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man. (Luke 2:52) 


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Growing in Wisdom

Just as Jesus grew in wisdom, Porter’s preschoolers experience cognitive development.  Two curriculums, Abeka and Handwriting Without Tears, teach children preschool concepts and are used throughout the U.S.  Areas of study include:  phonics and reading readiness, writing, counting, colors, comprehension of time/day/week, weather, seasons, etc.  Art and music are used to encourage creativity.  An introduction to Spanish helps children learn more about different countries and cultures.

Growing in Stature

Jesus grew from a small baby to a full-grown man. Porter preschoolers will also grow, developing both gross and fine motor skills.  Gym and music time help students develop physically as they run, jump, skip, and throw.  Fine motor skills are developed as they draw, write, and cut with scissors.

Growing in Favor with God

Jesus was loved by God, He talked to God, and He obeyed God.  Through daily Bible stories, children learn how they are loved by God and how they can be like Jesus.  Twice a month, our 4-year-old classes attend chapel held in the Worship Center and led by Porter’s children’s pastor.  Children sing worship songs and hear a short children’s sermon.   Topics include:  Jesus Loves Me · Jesus Is a Friend · I Should Obey My Parents · God Wants Me to Share · The Bible is a Special Book.

Growing in Favor with Others

Jesus loved people and spent time with them.  Preschoolers grow socially by learning to care for others, share, make friends, and respect adults.  They explore their school, community, and world.

4-Year-Old Special Classes

Physical Education (Mondays)

Students attend a physical education class led by our P.E. teacher in the church gym.  Children are involved in interactive group activities as well as individual play.


Music (Wednesdays)

Students attend an interactive music class led by our music teacher who introduces fun, educational music including Bible songs.  Children prepare Christmas and graduation programs to perform for families.


Spanish (Fridays)

Students attend a Spanish class led by our Spanish teacher who incorporates  language, art, and music into the Spanish curriculum.

2 and 3-Year-Old Programs

Two days each week, younger preschoolers participate in a classroom setting developing relationships with the teacher and their peers.  Two curriculums, Abekka and Handwriting Without Tears, are introduced as children begin to learn phonetic sounds, recognize letters and numbers, etc. through cognitive and tactical learning.  Bible stories and music are incorporated into their classroom setting as well.  Their day also includes free play in the church gymnasium.

Lunch Bunch!

12:00 - 2:00 pm 


Lunch Bunch is open to children who are enrolled in our weekday program.  Children bring their lunches and have a great time extending their day with games and story time.  You may register your child any day he or she attends preschool.  

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